Thanks to CMS teaching team help running the Online School where students keep learning, having fun and connecting with friends and teachers.

Here are some of the Students' art works from the online Visual Art lesson.

Our lessons shift from the classroom at school to the classroom in the Ocean Park. All of students are very excited and looking forward to it. The topics focus on ‘Panda’s Steps to Growth’ and ‘Beautiful Time in the Ocean’. Regarding ‘Beautiful time in the Ocean’, students can touch creatures of the land and sea such as sea cucumber and sea stars. On the hand, they can learn the way how human activities affect the ocean as well as the way how we can do for the ocean preservation. About the topic of ‘Panda’s Steps to Growth’, students can have authentic learning experience in the field by observing the pandas. Students need to investigate the basic needs of pandas and find out the changes throughout their growth. Today, all of the students happily enjoy and participate in all the learning activities.

How do you assess the effectiveness of a child’s learning? Aside from the usual pen and pencil assessment methods, our school has developed diversified modes of assessments for our P1 and P2 students. The teaching team designed over 20 subject-wide assessment stations. The assessment styles are unique, which includes communication, situational tasks, important life skills, listening and electronic assessments, etc.
During the two days of October 29 and October 30, children arrived at the hall with their assessment cards that were designed to replicate game tickets and they completed each assessment through the style of game activities.
Both the teachers and students learnt a lot from this experience. The participating teachers had the opportunity to assess the P1 and P2 students on a one to one basis and were able to understand each student’s learning progress in different areas. Students were also able to showcase their learning knowledge and skills through a variety of assessment methods.
We need to especially thank the parent volunteers for their time and endless effort. During the assessment, the parent volunteers not only assisted the teachers to finish their assessments, but they also became “Assessment Leaders” and arranged for the students to complete their tasks at different stations. With their assistance, the students were able to flawlessly complete their tasks. We can’t thank the parents enough for their effort!

Through this unique way of assessment, we believe it helped us understand better the students’ learning progress and it proved that there is more than one way to assess the effects of learning and teaching.


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