In order to improve students’ interpersonal skills, problem solving skills and self-care abilities, the school arranged an Adventure Residential Camp for all Primary 4 students from 31st October to 2nd November, 2019 in Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong in Wu Kwai Sha. Through the First-hand experience and an open learning environment, it will not only enhance the students’ sense of involvement, but also help them to grasp knowledge, skills and attitudes which can hardly be nurtured in classroom learning, so as to realize the goal of curriculum reform to achieve all-round development. The participants including the teachers and students. They all enjoyed and learnt a lot at the camp site.

To nurture students’ multi-intelligence, foster their team spirit as well as to provide them with the experience in learning through fun outdoor activities in the natural environment of the camp site, the School arranged a wild camp dated on 1st and 2nd November at the Chong Hing Water Sports Centre.
Such wild camp offered the participants chances in gaining the experience of wild camping and enhanced parent child relationship. The participants including the SGP ( Miss Pero Yau) , teachers, parents and students. They all enjoyed and learnt a lot at the camp site.

Catholic Mission School participated in the joint school Happy English programme on 12th September, 2019. The Mid-autumn festival celebration activity was hosted by Castle Peak Catholic Primary School this year. The celebration started with “pass the moon”, an exciting tongue twister game. Followed by Bingo, Kahoot competition and a variety of booth games, the students were very engaged and active. Throughout the whole event, our students demonstrated excellent team spirit, maturity and communication skills. They also played the games in polite and orderly manners. It undoubtedly was a memorable and fruitful day. We would like to thank Castle Peak Catholic Primary School for their efforts in organizing this event. CMS is looking forward to future opportunities in such collaborations.


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