Climate action for Peace is the theme of International Day of Peace this year. Seven kindergartens were arranged for the visit and over 100 Peace ambassadors were involved in the activities. Our students read stories about love, peace and climate to the kindergarten students. After telling the stories, our students help kindergarten students make little angels as souvenirs for the visit.
For the Peace day activities, a brief introduction was held in the hall to draw students’ attention to the purpose of the Peace day and the relationship between peace and climate. Followed by a sharing session about living in the low carbon life in class. For the hand on activities, P.1to 3 students had the DIY Vegan Cooking, P.4 had the Plastic Free workshop and P.5-6 had the DIY table mat session. This year, we held the prayer meeting at the school hall. Instead of praying, students sang together to thank for having peace and love. Leave no trace was the afternoon activity to arouse students’ awareness to eliminate rubbish as much as we could on a daily basis. To wrap up the day, students made a pledge about keeping our earth healthy.
We hope that the message of love and peace will send to everyone.

In order to promote communication between our Guangdong sister school, 15 students from P2-P4 cooperated with Shenzhen Longhua District Experimental School for the Guangdong-Hong Kong Sister Schools Chinese Choral Speaking Competition held on 27th March, 2019. It aims to promote the use of Chinese as well as deepen students’ understanding of Chinese culture through competition. We won the Merit Award in this competition; it was a good start as well as good experience for both students and teachers alike. We are looking forward to work with our sister school again in the future.

In order for the students, teachers and parents to enjoy participating in Sports Day with a better capacity, the school has held a Parent-Child Sports Day on the 14th and 22nd of March 2019 respectively. The first sports event was for P.3 to P.6 students while the latter was for P.1 and P.2 students. It was all very exciting for the students and it ended on a very happy note.
On the 14th of March, the event started off with a dash of spring rain, yet the weather was most suitable for all sorts of competition to carry out. With passion and enthusiasm, students cheered for their own houses. The participants showed off their skills and talents on the sports ground and displayed great sportsmanship.
The P.1 and P.2 sports event an unforgettable one. Parents were very involved in the games, which brought joy of playing and having fun together with their children. It was a warm and loving day for all the parents and children, which made Sports Day more meaningful.
After the award ceremony, we prayed to thank God for allowing us to end this joyful event as the school flag descended. Thanks to our parents who stayed till the end of the closing ceremony to show respect and sportsmanship to the Sports Day event.


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