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The School-based Internationalized Curriculum (I.C.) is based on the structure of the Hong Kong Primary Curriculum that is set by the EDB Curriculum Development Institute. We focus on the needs of the students in language learning, to strengthen their Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism. The I.C. also helps students to develop good reading habits, the ability in exploring the world and also using I.T. for self-learning. Meanwhile, the I.C. also stresses on Mathematics and Science learning. For broadening students' views, general knowledge about the world is added in order to nurture the students to be World Citizens in the future.

The I.C. has been implemented from Primary One in 2011-2012. The students of local and other nations can learn together in a harmonious and pleasant environment. In accordance with students' needs, the I.C. will be conducted both in Chinese and English. It will also progressively enhance students' competencies.

For P.1 and P.2 students, we will put emphasis on their learning ability and to foster their behaviour in avoiding too much workload. We will consolidate the learning foundation of our students in P.3 and P.4. Whereas in P.5 and P.6, we will put more focus on students' academic performances and personal achievement so as to make a good preparation for their further studies.


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2020-2023 School Development Plan(3 years)--( Chinese Version Only )

2019-2020 Annual Report -- ( Chinese Version Only )

2020-2021 Annual School Development Plan --( Chinese Version Only )

2020-2021 Capacity Enhancement Grant(Chinese Version Only)

2020-2021 Life-wide Learning Grant plan (Chinese Version Only)

2020-2021 NCS Learning Support Grant (Chinese Version Only)


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