The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC) presents the Living Campus 2019. Sponsored by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation and supported by the Eden Project,
STREAM provides opportunities to teachers and students to take part in a multitude of cross-disciplinary, interactive and unique events in the Shalowan Living Campus.
FLOW is a cross-disciplinary outdoor arts & education event against the natural backdrop of Shalowan Village. Our Primary 3 students engaged in spectacular programmes which include visual arts installations with inspiring themes, performing arts with music creation & interactive theatre performance; arts education with storytelling, workshops, adventure trails & village tours. They witnessed the marvellous journey of General Odysseus in the famous ancient Greek myth; enjoy music composition based on water flow; artistic, iconic sculptures created with the theme of water, using natural & recycled materials, and with reference to the mythical, historical, rural or urban context.
Students loved the outing which involved multi-disciplinary and cross thematic learning in outdoor environment. Below are some pictures for you to enjoy.

In order to reduce over packaging and overuse of plastic, our green ambassadors join “No more Plastic Action” field trip organized by Greeners Action. We went to the most serious overused plastic areas. We hope our green ambassadors can learn and actively participate in reducing single use plastic after the visiting tour.

In order to promote students' sense of belonging to their class, we have arranged a celebration day on each month. Students can share some food to their classmates on that day.


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