9.21 International Peace Day is a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace and promote peace.
We committed this idea with our actions through different activities.
Our selected P.4-6 Peace Ambassadors with our teachers visited two kindergartens for spreading love and peace message to K2 & K3 students.
The highlight of the day was started with an interesting Bee Talk by Beetales followed by taking a close look at bees after the talk.
A de-briefing session was delivered to students about why bees are important and how we sustain living healthily.
Re-dress was the hand-on activity that students turned an old T-shirt into a tote bag or an apron which used to reinforce the ideas of reuse, recycle and re-create.
To end the learning day, a prayer meeting with beautiful hymns was held to thank God’s creation on Earth. We should all be bear in mind that Leave No Trace to nature and live a simple life that less is more in our daily practice.


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